Another PF flip flop on maize

Does this country have maize? Neither President Lungu nor his Cabinet seems to know. We have consistently pointed out since last year that the country risks facing a serious maize deficit and that the PF Government needed to have stopped exports of raw grain and graduate into exporting mealie meal.

President Edgar Lungu and his Vice-President Inonge Wina are on record saying that the nation is facing maize deficit and that they had actually already made contacts to import the product thousands of miles away from South America.

But in what has now become their trademark of being consistency with inconsistencies, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda now rubbishes the statements from his bosses by saying the nation has enough maize and there is no need to import the commodity.

Are these people really in the same Government, regularly meet, and someone is in charge?

It is very clear, no one is in charge at the moment, which is why one minute a minister can announce and implement a Cabinet decision, only for the President to reverse it the following day. Such chaos and lack of control is why we have problems in mining, education, agriculture, energy and basically all sectors of the country.

We are totally speechless except perhaps to call for more prayers now. This is really beyond imagination. For a Government that has even expanded in size in the name of being more effective, they seem more confused now than when the Government was smaller.

The country is clearly on autopilot and as UPND we can only pray for safe landing on 11th August this year so that a visionary, well-coordinated and focused leadership can steer the nation and move it forward.

For now we can only call on Zambians to pray for Lungu and his cabinet so that the negative impact of their damage to the country can be minimised as we head and reach the key decision time of 11th August. This “Chipantepante” way of running government must end.

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND president

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