Another PF lie to jobless youths unfolding

The PF Government has again conned thousands of youths that applied for jobs in the teaching service as they have only selected a few people connected to the ruling PF leadership.

The PF had requested for applicants from people who finished teaching programmes around the country and had said they would pick more than 6000 teachers.

But the teaching service has so far only picked a very small number of PF cadres, just like they did last year when they advertised that they would recruit 5,000 teachers but only a small number was recruited.

But the applicants will be conned that they will be recruited later but for now they are scared of releasing the list of those recruited fearing protests.

But insiders say the PF leadership may release a long list by tomorrow or Wednesday ahead of elections as a way to attract would be youths voters but the truth is that the list to be released would be a fake one as only a very small number of about 200 have actually been recruited.

The Ministry of General Education officials briefed ZTC and other unionists that the names were supposed to be released by last
Friday or Saturday.

Some SESTUZ officials told Zambian Teachers Corner that they were also told that the names were supposed to be released by last Saturday.

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