Another PF rigging plan exposed

Another PF rigging plan exposed

A senior PF insider has said that a number of people have been lined up to vote more than once using either the same name or even different names. All this is just aimed at satisfying Edgar Lungu’s desire to cling to power.

The source said that duplicate national registration and voters cards have been produced by a ream led by police inspector general Kakoma Kanganja and his prisons service comrade in crime Percy Chato.

Under this plan the identified cadres will vote in one station but the PF cadre polling staff positioned there would not mark them with indelible ink there by making them look like they have not voted. Thereafter the voter will go and vote elsewhere.

Most of this scheme is being done in polling stations inside or near police and prisons camps with consent of Chato and Kanganja. This is yet another of Lungu’s evil acts which army commander Lt. Gen. Paul Mihova rejected, hence manoeuvres to fire him.

Now here is a solution as suggested by our source: Mostly the marking is the last thing in the voting process and monitors and observers are hereby directed to ensure that whoever votes is transparently marked with the indelible ink.

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