Another plot to arrest HH underway, this time on privatisation

Another plot to arrest HH underway, this time on privatisation


A secret plot has again been hatched in which State House is assembling a team of legal experts to investigate how they can build a case against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema over the sale of RAMCOZ and other companies that he participated in privatising.

Sources within the PF told the Watchdog that President Michael Sata is determined to arrest the vocal UPND leader who he regards as the main threat to the PF rule.

So far government has identified four lawyers who are expected to build-up a case against HH and advise government on how to proceed.

Sources said State House has so far put aside a huge budget in the scheme for lawyers and bribing would-be witnesses.

Senior PF sources disclosed that should the lawyers fail to find a case and witnesses in the latest of the many schemes being hatched against the UPND leader, Sata intends to set-up a Commission of Inquiry on the sale RAMCOZ and other companies that HH helped privatise under the MMD administration.

President Sata is said to have sleepless nights over Hichilema. With almost none of his elections campaign fulfilled in one year apart from changing ministers every week, Sata fears a national revolt.

In yet another scheme that back-fired politically, President Sata recently illegally released Mr. Hichilema’s bank details and wealthy with a view to portray him (HH) as a thief, but many people appreciated the opposition leader’s entrepreneurship skills as a local investor and businessman who has helped create employment.

But Sata is determined to justify the release of Hakainde’s accounts and wealthy by investigating all the companies he was contracted by the Zambian government to privatize, a move others within the PF fear will further erode investor confidence in the economy.

There have been several projects by the PF government aimed at intimidating the opposition UPND including allegations by Defence Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba that retired army officers were paid huge amounts of money to assassinate the president.

Later another scheme to plant seditious materials at the UPND party secretariat and search by the police also failed.

This was followed by a project hatched by GBM where he posted letters from Mazabuka to public media houses claiming Tongas under Oath were killing Bembas in Southern Province.

The UPND has so far been blocked by Sata’s police from holding public meetings.

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