Another Royal member asks Post to leave Chief Mwamba alone


I Expendito Chipasha Muchilingwa Chipalo, a member of the Bemba Royal Family, do hereby strongly condemn the attempt by the Post Newspaper and Patriotic Front Party Secretary General Mr. Winter Kabimba to drag senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba people into the childish and malicious campaign that they are waging against Minister of Defence Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

The people who have ganged up to malign Mr. Mwamba have gone too far. They should stop forthwith the use of the name of Senior Chief Mwamba in their vain quest for political supremacy. It is evident from the story which appeared in the Post edition of Wednesday, November 7, 2012 that an effort was made to show that the Chief had condemned GBM when he did not do so.

I spoke to the Senior Chief yesterday and he categorically denied having said the words that were attributed to him. In his own words, the headline over the article does not reflect his views or the statement that he made over the issue. He said that the paper solicited the statement from him and completely manipulated his words to suit their own objective.

The Bemba Royal family does not want any of its chiefs to be dragged into cheap political fights. Our chiefs were abused when the MMD was in power. They were forced to endorse the MMD at the expense of harmony in our family as well as in the Bemba kingdom.

All Zambians know that chiefs are not supposed to take part in politics and it is extremely uncivilized to try and trick an innocent traditional leader into making comments on issues that do not concern him or have nothing to do with his traditional authority.

The Post and Mr. Kabimba are wrong to think that Zambians are foolish people who cannot see the difference between right and wrong. Zambians are taking stock of what is happening. We now know that the incessant attacks on GBM are not just aimed at him, but they represent a bigger conspiracy to destabilize the PF and possibly disguise and divert the attention of the masses from another heinous crime or intention.

The effort to drag Senior Chief Mwamba into cheap politics has revealed a dangerous lever of desperation on the part of the Post and Mr. Kabimba and we shall not stand idle as they try to malign GBM in the party and now in his family.

Their desperation and resolve to malign GBM is now beginning to irritate a lot of people. Only recently, they published an interview with one Mr. Chumbwe who was given a banner headline for making an unprovoked comments on  GBM. Mr. Chumbwe was quoted as having said that GBM cannot rule Zambia when GBM has in fact never made such a claim. I would like to remind Zambians that the same Mr. Chumbwe, when he was in MMD, used to tell this country that Michael Sata would never rule this country. Today Mr. Chumbwe wants to change the story and pretend that he is more loyal to President Sata. Is this the person a respectable newspaper or party chief executive can work with and give such prominent publicity?

Zambians should know that the same Mr. Chumbwe who is being used to attack GBM had during the last elections tried to solicit money from GBM to help him travel toNigeriato go and receive juju from a Nigerian preacher so that he could win the Chilanga Parliamentary seat. GBM refused to give Mr. Chumbwe the money for the Nigerian trip and advised him that he should only pray to God to help him win the Chilanga seat. Unfortunately or fortunately forZambia, Mr. Chumbwe lost.

I would also like the Zambians to know that Mr. Chumbwe is not an elected official of the Patriotic Front. He has just been appointed by the Party Secretary General Mr. Kabimba to warm the seat of the Lusaka Provincial chairman until an incumbent is elected in accordance with party rules. In fact Mr. Chumbwe as well as his sponsors has never won an election even in their own backyard. They are just lucky that they have been hand picked and given appointments.

As a journalist myself, I know that the pen is mightier than the sword. Therefore, people should respect the media and the profession of journalism. Any person who abuses a position of such privilege to serve his own interests or the ambitions of a clique should be treated with a lot of consternation.

Lastly, but not least, I am calling on all Zambians, especially members of the Patriotic Front to strongly condemn anyone who is encouraging cheap politicking in the country at the expense of development. There is a lot of work to be done in this country. All PF members must concentrate on positive thinking to help our leader to implement the party manifesto for the realization of a better future for all Zambians. We must not allow the mediocrity that destroyed the Lusaka City Council and the MMD to cripple our vibrant PF. Those with personal vendettas and agendas must be shown the door out so that they can continue with the routine of changing parties which they are used to.


Expendito C M Chipalo

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