Another sickening lie from PF

Wonders will never end in our PF government! On Sunday, the government advertised that it will soon recruit 6,000 teachers. These people’s propensity to wreck the hearts of the unemployed youths and insult our intellect is insatiable.

Last year the government made a similar advert. Youths believed. They applied. They spent a lot in photocopying and certifying papers. On top of that they had to move from one province to the next delivering their application papers. When the names came out these desperate youths were crying.

It ‘s those who had connections and Some where still studying who got the job at the expense of the common genuine Zambians.

In Lufwanyama, for instance, out of the hundreds that had applied not a single one of them was picked. The names the district picked were deemed garbage material and were discarded. All the highly connected forty something new teachers were thrusted upon the district from headquarters. The DEBS and all her officials were dumb founded. As we speak madam DEBS has been forcefully transfered to Western for trying to fight this injustice and utter insult on the District selection committee.

This is an insult to our intellect as citizens. Where will the broke government get the money to pay 6000 new teachers? They struggled to put the relatives they had employed last year on payroll. Of all the new teachers posted to Lufwanyama, only about 25 where on GRZ payroll. It took almost six months to find vacancies for the rest. The sad thing is that they were not even being given arrears for the other months they had worked for. This is also what happened in other districts across Zambia. Worse still its an open secret that government is failing to pay already working civil servants. Will they be able to handle the new wage bill given that no one is retiring?

Mr Lungu accused GBM of not using his hard earned money to improve the lives of Zambians. But what Is he doing with the money that’s not his-our money? You just have to look at his new checks and belly to know where the money is going. He is also using it to give the dying youths more lies so that he wins the elections. He doesn’t care. Yet he doesn’t know that raising hope for a youth and never fulfilling it is a heineous crime against humanity. The current teacher recruitment is a pure campaign gimmick meant to benefit PF. Last years selection process was absolutely untransparent and cumbered with visible corruption of the highest garde. I expect this one to follow suit. Youths be warned!
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