Another unserviced Shalom bus from SA breaks down

Another unserviced Shalom bus from SA breaks down

I would like to add on to the Shalom bus story you reported I am currently on the bus coming from South Africa Johannesburg that departed on the 10th of January and has still not arrived in Lusaka

I am currently on the Shalom bus sleeping at the Chirundu border. Our bus started off on Thursday the 10th of January we experienced a break down before Polokwane at 14hrs on Thursday, the replacement bus only arrived at 20:00 after which the passengers had to help unpack and pack the buses of which we completed at 22:00hrs. At this point we still had to wait for a tow truck to assist in lifting the trailor which had overturned. We only left Polokwane at 2 am on Friday the 11th. I truly am Appauled at the way in which nothing was communicated to the passengers by the hosts and drivers as well as the inconvenience experienced by all the passengers. I am a regular passenger buying a minimum of 12 tickets a year on this bus and this treatment will insure this is my last travel with Shalom Bus & Truck Services Shalom Bus Services Ltd.

I kindly ask your assistance in exposing this unfair treatment of customers as well as the disregard of the Management of Shalom shown toward clients. Please feel free to publicize my name, us as Zambians need to take a stand against injustice one person at a time. Thank you in advance

Kind Regards

Kondwani Mubu

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