Another UPND supporter in Kasama arrested

“Another fake search warrant used on Kasama businessman”

Just like they cheated and said they were looking for stolen fire arms  in Dr Nevers Mumba’s house this time police in Kasama used a search warrant claiming that the owner of Nella’s guest house was habouring criminals

Police in the early hours of today woke up all guests in rooms and the family at the residence claiming they were looking for criminals.

After a futile exercise police went ahead and arrested Mr Simunyola, UPND sympathiser and is currently detained at Kasama police.

“It is evident that President Edgar Lungu and the PF are now using Police to intimidate citizens with opposing views and those they think are not supporting them. As citizens we want to warn police to refrain from obeying wrong directives of arresting citizens or they risk setting the country on fire. Police under PF in Zambia are slowly becoming enemies of the people and very soon this will affect the once more peaceful country,” said some Kasama residents.

PF cadres dressed in Police uniform with fake search warrants are the ones storming homes especially of opposition leaders, members and supporters to attack.

The two fake search warrants in Lusaka and Kasama should serve as an alert to all citizens.

Citizens now should mobilize themselves so that they protect one another when one is visited by police using fake search warrants.

This is just the beginning sources have revealed that search warrants will soon be used on UPND President Hichilema and his runningmate GBM.

Zambia police are no longer professional but working under instructions from Edgar Lungu.

Zambians are watching and recording every scheme and soon time will catch up with them as no one stays in government forever.

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