Another ZAF chopper crash-lands due to flag, one soldier dead (updated)

A Zambia Airforce Chopper  (ZAF) has crash-landed  at the city airport Longacres in Lusaka and one ZAF officer  Major Mukupa has died. The Chinese Chopper was brougt down by cloth (Zambian flag).

According to information passed to the Watchdog, one  ZAF officer Major Mukupa was rushed to the hospital where he later died while the chopper has been burnt to ashes.

The Governmen has announced that it will commence investigation but the Watchdog has been informed by ZAF sources that the chopper was brought down by a flag.

‘That chopper was descending in readiness for landing. The chopper was one of the three that was used today at youth day celebration and had a Zambian flag tied to it under its belly. Apparently the flag became loose and entangled the tail/rear rota of the chopper and the rota stopped rotating causing the chopper to crash. The pilot used the parachute to jump out of chopper but was hit with flying pieces from the chopper. The chopper caught fire immediately upon crashing to the ground,’ said someone from inside.

More  information given to the Wachtdog is the choppers were bought from China a few months ago but pilots were never sent for training in China

Later in the day, Defence minister Geoffre Mwamba confirmed crush of the Chinese made copper and the death of Major Misapa Mukupa.

“We experienced an accident this morning around 11:14 hours where a Zambia Air Force, Z9 helicopter crushed on landing at the City Airport.

“The plane lost control causing it to crash-land and investigations into the cause of the accident have been instituted,” he said.

Mr Mwamba said Major Mukupa was pronounced died upon arrival at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

He said the co-pilot Captain Kenneth Chilala sustained minor injuries and was reported to be out of danger and he had seen been discharged from hospital.

Mr. Mwamba said the government has already informed Major Mukupa’s family over the tragic accident.

This is the third time a helicopter is crash-landing in Zambia within six months. The first one was carrying state house staff who accompanied president Sata on a tour of Northern province.

The second one was carrying PF journalists who were being ferried to cover campaigns in Mpongwe. It crash-landed in Kabwe but authorities angrily defended the crash-landing by saying it was not as bad as reported by the private media.

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