Another Zambia woman faces possible hanging in Malaysia

Another Zambian woman faces a possible death penalty in Malaysia after appearing before the High on drug trafficking charges.

Mailesi Phiri also known as Linda Chingwengwezi appeared for mention before a Penag State High Court for trafficking in amphetamine drugs, a type of illegal stimulant drugs.

Barely two weeks ago, another Zambian woman Monica Seketi was arrested at Hong Kong International Airport for trafficking in over 700 grams of cocaine. She risks facing the firing squad in China if found guilty.

Zambian Drug Enforcement Commission spokesperson John Nyawali explained that  Phiri faces a possible death penalty if convicted as the Malaysian law prescribes a death penalty for a convicted drug trafficker.

Ms. Phiri who is being represented by a private lawyer after turning down an offer to be represented by a state lawyer will appear in court for continued trial from 17th to 19 October 2011.

Before travelling to Malaysia, she had relocated to South Africa where she was living with her boyfriend of Western African origin.

It is believed that Ms. Phiri was used by her boyfriend to carry the drugs which were concealed in the false bottom of her handbag.

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