Another ZRA employee fired by PF ex-convict Siame

A Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) employee David Kasonde has been fired for performing his duties by Patriotic Front Cadre and also ZRA Director of Investigations ex-convict George Siame.

According to reports obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, David Siame an inspector in the domestic taxes division was fired early this week for trying to collect K27million from Enfin Solutions and Blue Finance companies that are very close to George Siame the Director of Investigations at ZRA who at one time was convicted by the Lusaka Magistrate for assaulting his boss.

According to reports, Mr. Kasonde has been trying to collect K27 million (K27Billion un-rebased) from Enfin Solutions and Blue Finance money owed to government through unremitted taxes but Siame has been telling Kasonde not to collect the money. When time for Kasonde to have his contract renewed, Siame took advantage and refused to renew Kasonde’s contract.

Siame who is reported to be more powerful than the moribund Commissioner General Berlin Msiska has been dismissing and employing people at will.

Late this month, Siame fired his deputy Alick Chuba and replaced him with a relative Joe Simwanza as Assistant Director Domestic taxes.

He is also behind the dismissal of Head of Internal Affairs Juba Banda and two others.
Sources from the Zambia Revenue Authority have told the Zambian Watchdog that very soon workers will petition Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda to have Siame re-deployed failure to which ZRA workers may go on work stoppage.

For those who may not know Siame, the PF cadre is the one who assaulted his Director of Human Resources sometime in 2011. Juba and others testified against Siame in the assault case.

Siame was dismissed after being convicted by was brought back by the Patriotic Front government.

Immediately after returning to ZRA, Siame fired Juba and two others who testified against him.
Siame is reported to be so powerful that the Commissioner General Berlin Msiska does not question his actions.

ZRA has a Director of Human Resources a Mr. Ndumba but he has been rendered useless by Siame because Siame now hires and fires at will. Siame is related to President Sata’s Economic Advisor Paul Siame.
George Siame drives a Mistubishi Pajero registration number ALH 742.

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