Antelope Milling Company lays off 40

Antelope Milling Company workers has laid off 40 workers as one of the cost saving measures by the company.
The affected workers have since called on the PF government to intervene in the matter.
“The situation is very bad, we voted for this government so that we can better our lives but things are just getting worse,” said Jeffat Mwamba one of the affected workers.
Mr Mwamba said the firm is only employing casual workers who are paid (K175,000) old currency per week.
“What can you do in K175,000, you cannot even send children to school or pay rent, we thought by voting out the MMD and giving Sata chance to govern this country we were doing the right think, but things are now worse,” he complained.
And  highly placed sources in the management team said the company has decided to cut off its labour force so us to save some costs, as it has to pay huge sums on fuel and electricity to keep production going on.

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