Anti-UPND PS deletes his hate speech against HH

Anti-UPND PS deletes  his hate speech against HH

PF’s Mwamba Peni Back on Facebook

PF operative Mwamba Peni who closed his Facebook page after being appointed Permanent Secretary in the UPND government has reopened his page.
Mwamba, the well-known tribalist who vowed that a Tonga cannot rule, closed his page following massive protests by citizens.
Peni has however cleaned up his page and deleted all the anti-HH posts and tribalism articles.
Peni is known as a PF operative who specialises in tapping telephone conversations and planting documents on people. In 2012, Mwamba managed an operation that saw journalists linked to Zambia Watchdog arrested and tortured and their relatives dismissed from government jobs. Today Mwamba Peni is a darling of UPND leadership.

Mwamba was appointed PS by President Hichilema, an appointment that broke hearts of UPND supporters.

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    Chelsey 2 weeks ago

    Traitors like this demon whatever his name is aren’t supposed to be trusted. An appointment given to a tribalist like this chancer is tantamount to giving a cheesecake to a bully to silence him/ her. There are many sane people who deserve to be on that position than this recycled pf tribal thug.

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    Muntu Bulyo 2 weeks ago

    I do not know how HH appointed PSs but my sixth sense tells me that there was something fishy. At least Mwamba should publicly apologize. Unifying a country does not mean embracing the devil. I am also waiting for the other people to respond to Governments efforts to unite the country.

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    I remember reading an article where President Nelson Mandela went into a restaurant with his Aid to eat something only to find that the Prison Warder who was urinating on his head every day for the years he was in prison was also in the same restaurant. He sent his Aid to tell the former Warder that the President is asking you to join him at his table. The ate his food trembling all the way. Would he have enjoyed the food? Great men bring their foes close in order to show that they are not just ordinary people. It is a way of reforming the devil.

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      Namaloya Namalikita 4 hours ago

      It is unnecessary. At least the warder paid for his meal and it was just once. This Penis tribalist is being rewarded for tribalism against Tongas. He is continuing to enjoy despite having tortured Tongas over the last ten years. It is unfair.