Antony Mukwita accused of misconduct in Sweden

Antony Mukwita accused of misconduct in Sweden

Embassy staff at the Zambian Mission in Sweden have accused playboy deputy Ambassador Anthony Mukwita of abusing mission resources on the pretext that he is close to President Edgar Lungu.

Embassy sources revealed to the Watchdog that Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 14.13.09Mukwita is behaving like he was the High Commissioner bossing everyone around and has no regard for his boss.
“At the mission he orders the accountant to do anything including asking the Mission to extend a credit facility to the wife for personal issues. If they are broke at home, Anthony just instructs the accountant to give him government money and when he is reminded that government procedure doesn’t allow that, he boasts that he is close to the President, ” said the embassy source.

The source said despite the limited travel allocation each embassy staff had, Mukwita just orders the accountant to release money anytime for him to travel to Zambia even without permission from the Ministry of foreign affairs.

“Just recently he ordered the accountant to buy an air ticket saying he had some business in Johannesburg just to play around with his girlfriend and meet Emmanuel Mwamba at government expense,” revealed the source.

Mukwita is a known playboy who is known for careless beer drinking.


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