Antony Mukwita and the media

“Ours is really a precarious business. We cannot please everyone all the time. When we publish stories, some people get hurt while others are pleased and the other way round because that is just the nature of the business.’

This is what Zambia Daily Mail editor Anthony Mukwita told the parliamentary select committee on Tuesday.

Now, this is the same ka bald-patched chap who has been advocating the closing of the Zambian Watchdog because what we write is not pleasing to him and his political benefactors.

Two weeks ago, Mukwita, the excited playboy editor of the government-controlled daily wrote a stupid article advocating the banning of online media especially the Watchdog.

Yet, in his feeble mind, the weakling knows that what the media writes is not supposed to please all the people. It is simply supposed to reflect reality. The media reserves the right to speak unpopular opinions.

Mukwita went to Australia to learn journalism so we expected him to be more polished and slightly better than riffraff like George Chellah with low qualifications.

But alas, it seems Mukwita was too busy kissing boys in Australia instead of paying attention to what tutors were saying.

It is shocking what paupers can do when they suddenly land in money.

Just before PF formed government, Mukwita was surviving on hand-outs from politicians.  Mukwita should tell us who was paying his rent when he returned from Australia. We know exactly who was feeding Mukwita. Yet, these are the people he insults everyday. We all know how Mukwita would go to MISA to harass the accountant if they delayed to pay him his K100, 000 then now (K100) for presenting ‘Face the Media’ on Radio Phoenix.

We all know how Mukwita would ask for bribes from people to feature on Let the People talk. Today the small man wants to pretend that he is a don just because he can afford to be at Radisson Blu hotel every evening.

He has forgotten where he is coming from. Or maybe he has not forgotten; he is trying to forget the trouble past?

As late as 2011, Mukwita would phone us and encourage us to continue our work because ‘we are the only hope for Zambia.’

When Mukwita had trouble with State House, he turned to us for help.

Today he wants us banned because he is now on the side of the rulers. But on one hand he wants to reserve for himself the right to publish whatever he wants because ‘he can not please all the people all the time?’

What makes Mukwita think that there should be two types of media freedom, one for his type and another type for others?

And in any case, who really gives a damn about the hogwash called Daily Mail?

The only reason those MPs waste their time questioning Mukwita is because he uses tax-payers money to put matuvi he calls news on the streets.

If tax-payers money was not used to publish that rubbish, no one would care.

Daily Mail has no credibility. No one believes what is written in the Daily Mail. Even journalists who work for Daily Mail do not read what is published in the Daily mail.  Each journalist only checks if his or her story has been published.

So why was Mukwita speaking as if he is a honourable journalist from a respectable newspaper?

The words Mukwita used should be reserved for proper journalists working for credible media not amafi like Daily Mail.

The only thing one can believe in Daily Mail is some of the adverts.

If Daily Mail was closed today, the only people who would miss it are those drawing salaries from it. It serves no purpose. It is a drain on national coffers. It can’t even achieve its main purpose of propaganda. Who can be influenced by Daily Mail when even PF minister themselves, dull as they are, don’t believe anything written there?

We feel sorry for professionals like Nebert Mbewe who have to endure working under charlatans lime Mukwita.

We feel that, given a chance, Mbewe would bring some credibility to the Daily Mail. We have a bit of respect for Times of Zambia as one can distinguish between Times of Zambia and George Chellah’s facebook page.

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