Apostolic church in Zambia Shielding Bishop Sichangwa from a DNA tes

Apostolic Church in Zambia well known as A.C.Z has been in Zambia for the past 50yrs. It is as old as Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAOG). Its headquarters are housed at Kaniki Bible College in the outskirts of Ndola along Ndola-Mufulira road.

I have been a member of this church for some years now but I am very saddened by the UNHOLY alliance of our bishops in the National Executive who have been shielding one of them in Ndola who has a child with his former Secretary..

The full version of the story is that the above issue has been coming up and going since 2006 at this our church called Christian Miracle Centre (CMC) in Mushili Ndola/Lubuto, which is one of the oldest branches of ACZ. At the helm of this church is Bishop Maybin Sichangwa who according to many members has a child with one of his church members known by the name of Carol. Unfortunately, this woman is married but It is believed that he had a relationship with this lady called Carol Chibamba Ngulube.

Very unfortunately it resulted in pregnancy whilst she used to be her personal secretary at the Church. It is also understood that the husband who is a Teacher at NDola school of Continuing Education (ADULT) is impotent/sterile (tafyala) according to his hospital tests carried on him. That’s the more reason why up-to this date, they have no children of their own though this woman-Carol- has two children. A girl born from another man and a boy called Samuel born from Bishop Sichangwa.

The family of the husband (Mr. Ngulube) is very much aware of the condition of their relative that he can’t make a woman pregnant and were surprised to see the wife pregnant. When challenged by the family members whether his condition has been reversed he categorically told them that he knows that the pregnant was not his but in order to continue concealing his medical problem he has no choice but continue living with the same woman that has kept the Bedroom secret all these years. Pressed to say who could be the father of the boy he has told them that its the Pastor’s Child(Sichangwa) now a Bishop.

It is in this respect that they have been praying that the Bishop can be subjected to a DNA test as they are sure the boy is the product of Bishop Sichangwa. Shame !

When asked, the husband of the same Carol says the child is not his but for Bishop Sichangwa. Because of the beatings he has been giving to Carol, Mr Ngulube ended up in Police cells at one other time.  Further asked as to why he can’t take action against this Bishop so that he could be compensated he just shys away from the question and soothes himself in booze while just saying that’ the Devil you know is better than the one you don’t know’.


Surprisingly, the former Apostolic National Executive Council (ANEC) in which Bishop Sichangwa served as the Deputy to the National overseer for ten years was very aware about the whole case but have swept it under the carpet several times because according to the information we have is that MOST of those National Executive members have skeletons in their cupboards of the similar nature hence their reluctance to act decisively on this matter. They fear that the same Bishop would spill the beans from his mouth if they suspend or excommunicate him.

Recently one of his Assistants, Pastor Mwanza we are told that he challenged the Bishop that he had privileged information that shows that Bishop SICHANGWA is the biological father of the same boy in question. We are told he even wrote a letter to him challenging him to take him to court at which an order for DNA could issued. But we are told the bishop is dead scared to go for the same especially his Church Elders who are fearing that it would affect their positions once the whole truth is known. We are told the Top elder a Mr.Kaindu has a child with the elder sister of his wife which has compromised his standing in this case as the Bishop is the one who defused the bomb when the wife knew the true father of her elder sister.

However, it has been learnt that the District Leadership as well as the New National Executive lead by Bishop Jacob Mubanga and his team sat and set up a select committee of Four Senior Pastors from different towns to re-investigate the matter but it appears they have equally decided to protect the same Bishop Sichangwa and victimize the assistant Pastor by giving him a forced transfer for pointing a long finger at his Senior Pastor in the name of evil unity. 1 Timothy 3v21-22 says’ I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ jesus and the elect angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism. Do not be hasty in the laying of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure’. In this case the fellow Bishops are busy shielding him and sharing in his promiscuity contrary to the words of God.


As a matter of principal, the information we have is that they have never interviewed the husband of the same lady Carol a Mr.Ngulube to find out his sentiments concerning this issue.

As though that is not enough, non has ever requested to see the same child at the centre of allegations. They are acting blind by failing to see the actual subject matter!


On top of that the same National executive as well as the local church leadership have done all that it takes not to subject the Bishop with the same boy to a DNA test so that the matter can be conclusively handled.

Because of this, many church members have left the church because they feel betrayed by the National Leadership that has shielded Bishop Sichangwa from a DNA test. As though that is not enough its like this very church is haunted by demons of adultery because the Pastor he took over from, a Pastor Brian Longwe, also was embroiled in an adultery case that led to his removal as a Pastor from the same church in 2000.

The international overseer Peter Pedersen is also one of the culprits to this issue because he has been hesitant to sort out this issue in that Bishop Sichangwa is his blue eyed Bishop. We are told that at one other time Peter Pedersden was almost deported out of the country to Denmark but Bishop Sichangwa in using his connections in government managed to defuse the same deportation. It is for this that he fails to handle the case impartially and says that He is his pastor so its only ANEC or the District or Regional Overseer that can handle it. Coward hiding in technicality!

As though that is not enough it is a general feeling among the church members especially the women folk that he is also sleeping around with his current Secretary due to the way he carries himself with the same Lady known as Emmah. There is also a strong suspicion that the same lady had a forced abortion of her pregnancy in 2012 of the same Bishop. That’s why she can now behave in anyway she wants as the Bishop can’t discipline her for fear that she can spill the beans.

In view of the above stories, we would want the Apostolic National Executive Council (ANEC) to come out clean and explain to the church and the nation as a whole why this man has never been suspended from his position in normal circumstances to allow for proper investigations so that the church members could bring out information freely without fear of being victimized later on. If only they could allow those that could have information over the same matter to freely come through they would be shocked.

Lastly, the man has been busy victimising and intimidating anyone that would want to tell  the truth yet the ANEC is not protecting the same members or whistle blowers. why?

The question that the members of Apostolic church in Zambia in general want to know is when is the Bishop going to be suspended to allow full fledged  investigations and be subjected to DNA so that the issue can be buried once and for all? We want to know if chastity is no longer a requirement for National leaders.

In concluding, the holy scriptures say that one must have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap. Why have Apostolic Church in Zambia (ACZ) decided to live in deceit and denial over things that are straight forward.We want to know Who is telling the truth between those that have spoken before and now Pastor Mwanza and you the National executive? How are we to know without a DNA test? We are prayerfuly waiting!!!!!!!!!!


Disappointed flock

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