Appoint your own Chitimukulu in Lusaka , Bemba traditionalists tell Sata

The Bemba traditional leaders in Mungwi district of Northern province have told off ailing dictator Michael Sata who has refused to recognize the traditionally appointed Chitimukulu, Henry Sosala Kanyanta manga II to appoint his own Chitimukulu in Lusaka and remove the armed policemen who have seized the Chitimukulu palace.

During a meeting in Mungwi, the headmen resolved that they would not succumb to tSata’s demands to install his own Chitimukulu in Bembaland. Sata has chosen a fellow Bisa chief whom he wants to impose on the Bemba people.

The traditional leaders have also asked Sata to clearly tell the people of Zambia about the personal differences he has with the current Chitimukulu instead of lying that he does not qualify to ascend to the throne, saying the action amounted to punishing the innocent Bemba speaking people.

From the time he was elected in 2011, Sata has been interfering in traditional affairs, recently he was reported to have allowed his party cadres to verbally abuse Senior chief Mwatakazembe of Luapula province for accusing him to be a sympathizer of the opposition MMD.

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