‘Appointing student as PS is an insult to civil servants’

The Appointment of Patrick Mwanawasa as Deputy Permanent Secretary for Eastern Province has been received with mixed feeling by civil servants in the province.

Mwanawasa is a student at the Zambian Open University.

Scores of civil servants have described as an insult to the civil service because that position needs an experienced and seasoned career civil servant who understands public administration. Others were asking where Mwanawasa has worked to be familiar with the operations of the civil service. This lack of vision by Lungu is very costly and it is going to kill this nation. The president must consult before making appointment than bringing the name of civil service in disrepute.

On Sunday the permanent secretary for Eastern province Chanda Kasolo announced that President Edgar Lungu has appointed the son of late president Levy Patrick Mwanawasa as Deputy permanent secretary for the province and he appealed he civil servants in the province to the support and work with the DPS who is going to take over from Mr. Zachariah Luhanga who has been transferred to cabinet office. Meanwhile scores of civil servants have vowed to frustrate incompetent PF carders been appoints in sensitive government position in the name of political appeasement.
Civil servants said if Lungu wants to please people, he should have created a position at State house for him just like he has created for others instead of playing with serious work.

Frustrated Civil Servants

But for his part, Patrick Mwanawasa says his appointment is a victory for youths and pledged to work towards industrialisation.
Speaking to journalists on his first day in office yesterday, Mr Mwanawasa, 32, said he was equal to the task and he should not be underrated on account of age.
He commended President Lungu for his appointment and pledged to foster development in the Eastern Province.
He said he was ready for the job, although he will want to learn more from his predecessor Zechariah Luhanga who has been transferred to Public Service Management Division (PSMD).

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