Appointment of Akafumba brings number of P/secretaries in Justice ministry to three

The appointment of PF cadre Joseph Akafumba brings the number of Permanent Secretaries in the ministry of justice to three.

On November 18, 2011, President Michael Sata swore in Patricia Daka-Jere as permanent Secretary in the ministry of Justice.

A month earlier on October 10, 2011, Sata swore in Mbololwa Muyaba as permanent secretary in the same ministry of Justice.

The appointment of PF losing candidate in the Livingstone Central bye election Joseph Akafumba as Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary therefore brings the number Permanent Secretaries to three.

Sata, while in spared no plartfom to condemn what he termed a blotted government and civil service in the President Rupiah Banda administration.

In one of his running condemnations, Sata once said: “I am urging President Banda to start reducing the number of ministers, deputy ministers and permanent secretaries in ministries where there are two people doing one job.”

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