Appointment of unqualified and incompetent Davies Chama as Zambia railways board chairman


How did Davies Chama get appointed as the board chairman of Zambia railways ltd? The answer is simple. The tribalist Yamfwa Mmukanga is looking for a way to influence contracts in Zambia railways to make money for the 2016 elections.

Also information reaching us has revealed that Davies Chama is eyeing both Kabwe , central and Lusaka central constituencies so he is also looking forward to making money from Zambia railways, remember Yamfwa Mukanag is a very corrupt guy, see how he manipulated the radar tender. He is now focusing on RDA as a source of money for his future campaigns, that is why he and his cohorts fought to bring back displaced Bernard chiwala as the C.E.O for RDA.


Bernard Chiwala failed lamentably as permanent secretary in the ministry of transport and works; as a result he was dismissed by President Michael sata, but Yamfwa and his clique campaigned to have him back, they are now using him as a conduit to manipulate the major road contracts, the labor force at RDA very disgusted about Bernard Chiwala to come back to RDA.

Regarding Davies Chama, what are his qualifications? He is a failed party cadre, currently he is one of those who are fighting Wynter Kabimba, he is a disgraced politician, information reaching us is that he is already behaving like the C.E.O of Zambia railways, instead of waiting to learn, he wants to take the center stage of things he doesn’t understand. Look at his conduct in Chipata during the inauguration of the Nacala corridor,

He keeps on referring to himself as ‘I ‘WILL, I WANT   etc. a sign of dictatorship and selfishness.


The problem both Mukanga and Davies Chama are facing is how to deal with the current C.E.O professor Muyenga Atanga , according to Yamfwa Mukanga, he has tried to frustrate  professor Atanga by even using people to discredit him but it has still not worked, yamfwa  now hopes he can use the mainly led  bemba board to frustrate  professor Atanga and get rid of him, he is sure that this will be done this time.

More information reaching us is that yamfwa  mukanga and his bemba clique do not believe a lozi is the right person  to be the C.E.O  of Zambia railways, information has it that private meetings are usually held to find out how to deal  with professor  atanga, it is a combination of bembas and easterners  who feel their man professor chirwa has lost out and they have also lost out. They see Atanga as an outsider who is only supported by president michale  Sata.

Are you people aware that Davies chama participated in the spoils of Zambia railways after the takeover by the government? He managed to secure two properties which he is renting as lodges under  the name Avon lodges , payments of rent for these properties is problematic , with all these issues, has Zambia  railways got any future, we recently learnt that Davies chama and his bemba board have been instructed to kick out professor atanga.

Before more Eurobond money is put in place,

It is believed that this Atanga is a loner who has not been accepted by the clique. We are informed that the same clique, using former minister of transport, Yaluma, worked with the ministry of finance people to stop Atanga from being a controlling officer. It is believed atanga was not co-operating with them, so what next?

In any case, Yamfwa and his clique may have a point, for Atanga to be appointed as C.E.O, what have Lozis contributed to PF?  Are these not the same people who want to separate from Zambia, lozis by nature are tribalists, they are not people to trust, for example, why is Zambia railways focusing on Mulobezi rail? Is not because of this  Lozi professor  Atanga?


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