APRM chair, spokesperson axed for supporting obsene case

Ms Kambikambi

Ms Kambikambi

Vice president George Kunda has terminated the appointment of  Tamala Kambikambi and Amos Chanda as members of the National Governing Council of African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).

The two were chairperson and spokesperson respectively but the revocation means the two are completely out of the APRM.
According to a statement released by Deputy Minister for Information, Todd Chilembo,  Vice President, George Kunda, has reduced the composition of the NGC from 47 to 30 members.

The statement says that the move to review the APRM composition has been taken to streamline its operations and cut on costs.

But the Watchdog has been told by remaining members of the NGC that the real reason was that Ms Kambikambi and Mr. Chanda have been supporting the case against Post journalist Chansa Kabwela.

Ms Kabwela is expected to appear in court next week for circulating obscene material.

Ms Kambikambi recently issued a statement on behalf of the National Women’ s Lobby Group demanding that the police should withdraw the case against Ms Kabwela.

One senior official at State House, according to sources, told president Banda that it was Mr. Amos Chanda who advised Ms Kambikambi to issue the statement.

Also, Mr. Chanda is the chairperson of the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) which also condemned the arrest of Ms Kabwela.

According to Mr Chilembo, those that have been excluded have since been notified.

Meanwhile, Mr Kunda has appointed Ms Lucy Muyoyeta as the new Chairperson for the National Governing Council, while Mr Phillip Chilomo will continue as vice chairperson, with the added responsibility of spokesperson.

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