Are Zambians Lunatics?


In view of the general poor performance of the Zambian economy and the free falling Zambian kwacha and the recently much published boasting of Vendatta boss Anil Argawal for buying KCM at US$ 25million; As Zambians we are now asking ourselves whether we are really lunatics for calling for the reintroduction of the mineral windfall tax.

When advocates of the windfall tax have been calling on Government to  reintroduce the windfall, our minister of finance Hon Alexander Chikwanda said those who are doing so are LUNATICS.

Mr Larry Kalaba, former state house special assistant for policy implementation under President Mwanawasa gives us the guidelines on how to assess our lunatics traits – See article’’ Kalala explains Levy’s KCM sale” post newspaper May 21st 2014:

A.      That Chikwanda should resign on moral grounds for insulting Zambians.

B.      That if he doesn’t resign, the president should fire him.

C.      That if the president doesn’t fire him, the people of Zambia should fire him.

D.      That if the people fail to fire him, THEN WE ARE LUNATICS.

E.       That then the Minister is very right that we are LUNATICS.

Very simply multiple choice answers from very straight forward guidelines; Choose one answer ONLY.

Friday Kashiwa – Invigilator


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