Armed Kabwe policeman escapes lynching by mad man

An armed policeman in Kabwe this morning escaped serious beating from a seemingly insane man clad in a military jersey after the trump pounced on him near Chitanda house and tried to grab his fully loaded gun.

Th scene attracted a horde of people and the man was saved by taxi drivers and passers by who separated the pair after a tussle. After they were separated, the cop cocked his gun and attempted to shoot but people and some intelligence officers (OP) stopped him and the trump went away.

Sources have told the Watchdog that the trump is an ex soldier who was convicted for violence related offences and jailed but received a presidential pardon last year.
“He was a soldier and was serving a jail sentence of unlawful wounding, he served a bigger part of his sentence at mukobeko then transferred to Kamfinsa before receiving a presidential pardon last year but it is like his mind is not very sane now,” said the source.

Meanwhile security sources have also disclosed that the trump is being looked for by both the OP and state police so it may not be surprising if he is found dead.
“The whole thing was risky, that gun was loaded and if he had overpowered the police and started shooting indiscriminately……….. so many lives could have been lost so we are looking for him, dont get surprised if you find him hit by a vehicle and dies on the spot,” said the source.

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