Armed Police hunt for GBM

A battalion of armed police officers has early this morning been dispatched to the residence of former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba in Kabulonga in a bid to arrest and detain him over the long holiday.

One of the police officers in the operation told the Zambian Watchdog that the Kasama law maker is being pursued for the allegation of assaulting his ex employee.

“Yesterday, we summoned him so that we can lock him up until Tuesday next week but after he failed to turn up, today early in the morning, as early as 05:00hrs we have been dispatched to carry out the operation at his residence in Kabulonga’s Roan road but we are not so sure whether he is there or not, I will give you more details later mudala (bigman),” said a senior policeman.

It is a trend by PF police to summon political enemies on Friday so that they are detained throughout the weekend before they get bail on Monday, but this Monday will be a public holiday, meaning if GBM is arrested he may only be released on bail on Tuesday next week.

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