Armed robbers steal cash from Petrotech filling station

Armed robbers this morning staged a dramatic robbery and stole an undisclosed amount of money from a Petrotech filling station along Independence avenue in Kabwe.

The three masked bandits armed with AK 47 rifles and an axe stormed the filling station at about 08:45hrs and pretended to be going to the toilet but later diverted and went straight to the manager’s office whom they held captive and demanded sales for the weekend. This was shortly after the night duty petrol attendants had just cashed the sales for the last night. Other workers who were nearby were also captured and ordered to ‘behave’.

They demanded for cash and the key to the safe but when they faced minimum resistance from the filling station manager, they hacked him with an axe before away with an undisclosed amount of money.

Last month a similar dramatic robbery occurred in the same town on a Monday with robbers targeting weekend sales from BM supermarket.

Meanwhile some police officers have condemned the security lapse on central province commanding officer Standwell Lungu. From the time Lungu was appointed commissioner, he has been a remote control commander who does not stay in town and spends most of the operations money on lodges where he stays. Police also recently appointed a known criminal in police uniform, Chipalata to be in charge of the anti robbery squad but some officers protested, he has since been shunted as district criminal investigations officer for Kabwe and with him there, no tangible investigations will lead to the arrest of the bandits as he is known to be working with criminals.

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