‘Armseure hasn’t paid us July salaries’

Dear Editor, Kindly Post This For Us. We Are ARMSECURE-Security Officers In Zambia. Upto Date, The Said Company Hasn’t Given Us Our July Salaries. Our Landlords Are Even Threatening To Evict Us From Their Homes. The Company Is Making A Lot Of Money, Yet Failing To Pay People Doing A Great Job. Our Union That Represent Us Is Also Too ‘Naive’ To Help Us. The Company Failing To Pay The Following Damages: Basic Salary-K330 Housing-Sub Inspector-K180 Performance Bonus-K110 Medical Allowance-K20 Uniform Allowance-K20 Allowance-Sub Inspector-K37.50 *no transport allowance* —————————— Deductions: Uniform Bond-K10 Boots-K33.33 NAPSA-K38.46 —————————— NET PAY: K617 —————– Plz, Armsecure, We Need Our July Salaries. We Want Also To Be Getting Our Salaries Thru Eco-Bank. Enough Is Enough With Brown Envelopes…

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