Army commander General Mihova refuses land bribe

Zambia Army commander Lieutenant General Paul Mihovah has refused to accept a bribe in form of a piece of land given to him by the Kabwe Municipal Council and the move has upset the councilors and management officials who wanted to abuse the General’s privilege.

Last month the Zambian Watchdog exposed the dubious sharing of land by ministers Emerine Kabanshi and Jean Kapata and other senior government officials and politicians under the disguise that they were giving land to retired defence and security officials but soon after the expose, the ’13 disciples of corruption’ crafted a scheme to include the army commander and other eminent personnel who also included some footballers who died in the 1993 Gabon air disaster.

During the installation of newly elected Kabwe Mayor Richard Bango, his predecessor Moses Mwansa announced that the council had honoured General Mihovah as appreciation for the killing of the notorious Mailoni brothers last year but General Mihovah has turned down the offer saying the rightful person to honor is the actual soldier who killed the three brothers and the unit commander.

Sources from the corrupt Kabwe municipal council have told the Zambian Watchdog that the General’s rejection of the offer has left corrupt team in a puzzle especially that central province useless minister Obvious Mwaliteta has reportedly directed the council to stop receiving money for application of plots in the newly opened Mukuyu residential area. The source also adds that General Mihova is scared because he does not want to be questioned when there is change of government, as is the case with the former defence chiefs in the MMD reign who are all in court for corruption charges.

The 13 disciples of corruption in this ‘Kapata gate scandal’ are Local government minister Emerine Kabanshi, Tourism minister Jean Kapata, Central province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale and her deputy Ronald Sinyangwe, Kabwe central MP James Kapyanga, Bwacha MP Sydney Mushanga, Central province local government officer Alfred Nyambose, Kabwe DC Patrick Chishala, former Kabwe Mayor Moses Mwansa, former Petauke Council Secretary Boyd Mboyi, Charles Ufwenuka of Ministry of Lands, Wina Munamoonga of Electoral Commission of Zambia and Kabwe Municipal council Director Administration Rebecca Chirwa.

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