‘Army Commander names new Barracks after his Son’

Mr Editor,

I want to register my concern at the extent at which our absentee Commander-in-Chief has given too much leeway to the Army Commander to run issues in the Army. What has shocked me and my fellow army officers and soldiers alike is the manner in which our commander Lt Gen Paul Mihova wants to literally personalize the army. As much as we understand his stubborn sense of nepotism and desperate intent to fill all strategic appointment with his kinsmen as well as awarding queer promotions and appointments on tribal lines, what seems to be way off course is the naming of a new army barracks in Kawambwa as ‘Kayombo Barracks’ named after his son, Kayombo Mihova ! I am made to understand that naming of such critical installations should be done with approval by Cabinet and should be reflected in the Government Gazzette but this was not done. The only thing we saw was an official letter from the Commander’s office changing the name of the new marine base in Kawambwa from Kala Barracks to Kayombo Barracks all complete with a Luvale motto “mwa meya, mwa mavu”. This was only changed after strong opposition from one brave Colonel who convinced other Generals to reject this’ Mihovalisation’ of our once-prestigious Army.

What further beats me most is what made Gen Mihova think that the people of Kawambwa could run out of names of prominent people, chiefs and other items of historical nature etc only to settle for the Army Commander’s spoilt son, better Chinkuli Barracks ! This is tantamount to abuse of authority of office and I call upon the Commander-in-Chief to take time to look at the affairs of the Army as times because the General is running it like he is running a Mukanda Circumcision camp !

Annoyed Combatant


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