Army officer burnt to death after power failure in barrack

A Zambia army officer, only identified as Major Namikulo has been burnt to death after sustaining 90 degrees burns by petrol which he kept at the servants’ quarters at his residence.

The incident happened after electricity went off in the military establishment and the deceased went with a candle to the servants quarter which got into contact with some petrol which he had stored.

Major Namikulo who until his death was military transport officer at the Military establishment of Zambia (MILTEZ) which trains commissioned officers for the Zambia army died at Kabwe Mine Hospital last night. The source of the fuel and the quantities have not been established.

Some army officers spoken to expressed shock at the death of their colleague whom they described as a reliable officer. They put the blame on ZESCO for unnecessary power blackouts.
Of late both Chindwin and Kohima barracks have been facing interrupted power supply without any explanations from ZESCO.

Last month three soldiers stole grenades and other explosives but in the process one exploded, seriously injuring all of them, two have since died.

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