Army top officials divert UN money to personal to holder vehicles purchase

Army top officials divert UN money to personal to holder vehicles purchase

President-LUNGU-at-Minor-SokoThe Zambia Army top officials have diverted a total of over K30m funds received from the UN for peace keeping to buy themselves inflated vehicles costing over K1m each. Most of the top brass fear that if there is change of government they will be retired and want to go with the new vehicles as part of their package. Instead of 30 percent deductions, 50 percent of peace keepers’ earnings are being deducted and enriching the top brass.

A source from army headquarters has disclosed that the top brass wants to buy 24 vehicles from a named supplier and using a senior PF official appointed by President Lungu as an agent. The vehicles will be distributed among Generals and defence minister Ritchwell Siamunene who is being used by Lungu has already cleared the request.

The source further said that the illegalities in the defence ministry are being perpetuated by the President himself but using Siamunene so that in the event that he loses the election, it is Siamunene who will be prosecuted.

“Most of these deals were initiated by President Lungu when he was President and also defence minister but decided to trick Siamunene into the appointment so that he effects the dirty deals. Actually some people in defence intelligence warned Siamunene in one of the briefings but he seems to be doing the opposite and I tell you he is gonna have many cases should Lungu lose elections,” said the source.


Just last week, there was an expose of diversion of over K989,000 sports fund to PF campaigns while soldiers faced massive deductions, which they have said is unjust because the K989,000 was supposed to be shared as dividends.

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