Army worms are artificial, supplied by seed companies

Army worms are artificial, supplied by seed companies

Government says it has procured 83 thousand litres of chemicals to prevent the spread of Armyworms across the country.

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo told ZNBC News that the chemicals are ready for distribution.
Mr. Katambo says agricultural coordinators have been instructed to ensure that required chemicals are distributed to all the districts in readiness for any potential Armyworms attack.

He says the ministry expects the number of reported cases to increase between now and the time of harvesting.

Chief Zingalume said a number of fields have been invaded by the pests saying farmers should quickly access pesticides that government has already dispatched to the district.

ZWD COMMENT: Government should stop playing dangerous games with people’s lives. The PF government knows very well that the so-called army worms are artificial and manufactured in laboratories. They are part of the seeds supplied to farmers. They are planted together and germinate together. They don’t invade maize fields but are part of the seed. They do not come from nearby bushes or rivers but are in the seed itself. Government knows this. That is why maize in a any given field are attacked at the same time and not in portions.

Syngenta, Pannar, Seedco and all seed suppliers in Zambia and their partners should explain why they are contaminating Zambian farms with these poisonous seeds. For how long will government allow these foreign companies to damage our soil? They have already managed to supplant and replace indigenous seed with their dirty seed. And all this is done to make money out of us by their selling us more chemicals? It is well known that these seed suppliers chose which provinces to supply seed contaminated with army worms to.

Local Zambian maize has multiple uses because it’s pure: you can eat it and plant it. But seed supplied by Pannar, Seedco, Sygenta and all foreign companies is not edible because it contains chemicals and army worms.

If the Zambian government is not part of this conspiracy, they should stop these foreign seed suppliers from poisoning our soil further. They should promote indigenous seed which is not affected by army worms.

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