Army, ZNS and ZAF to conduct secret pass out of new soldiers

Army, ZNS and ZAF to conduct secret pass out of new soldiers

zns-1The Zambia National Service (ZNS) is planning to conduct a secret pass out (graduation) of soldiers who are currently undergoing secret training.

The Watchdog has been informed that the Zambia National Service is planning to conduct a private pass out of soldiers because the recruitment was corrupt and training secret.  It will be the first time the president of Zambia will be officiating at a pass out of soldiers in secret. By convention (long established rules and expectations), the president of Zambia is required to preside over the graduation of officers.

Last year, the Zambia Army and Zambia Airforce and National Service asked unemployed youths to apply for jobs in the defence wings. Hundreds of thousands of desperate youths, including those physically incapable of running applied for admittance due to lack of jobs in the country.

But the PF government later decided to recruit relatives of senior PF officials in all the three defence wings (some like Chishimba Kambwili’ siblings are over age and over weight) .  Youths who were forced to pay application fees are still waiting, praying and hoping that one day they will be called.

But like the Watchdog has been reporting, training of recruits started last year and is nearing completion. We published the list of people recruited by the army and ZAF respectively here already.

But now contacts in the Zambia National Service(ZNS) have revealed that even there, training is almost complete and new soldiers are ready to be welcomed into the military by the commander in chief Edgar Lungu.

The problem now is how the Zambia National Service, the army and ZAF will pass out (graduate) soldiers since the training has been conducted secretly.

A government officials revealed that the ZNS training which started last year shortly after the advertisement in the daily papers will be completed this month end.

They source said that the order to recruit and start training ZNS officers was a directive from president Edgar Lungu himself.

“There were many applicants because Zambians want to seek refuge in government jobs because there are no more employment opportunities in the country but our head of state gave a directive to get only the people related to government officials even the ones that did not apply when there are  Zambians out there who are still waiting to see their names in the papers as people selected for the training,’ the source said.

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