Arrest Chishimba Kambwili, not Nevers Mumba

On 23rd November 2014,  Chishimba Kambwili stormed ZNBC Newsroom at mass media in Lusaka,  ordered Editors to remove HH Stories about his campaign rally in Kanyama earlier in the day.

Kambwili also ordered the newsroom staff to remove  Inonge Wina story.  He did not only end there,  he equally displaced the manager news and sat in that office to make sure his directives were followed.

Kambwili actually bullied and dared even police at the znbc gate who confessed they could not enforce an arrest order against a minister even If his conduct bordered on clear criminality.

Our laws are clear about hate speech,  tribal fanning and on many other related misconduct of kambwili and his henchmen,  but he was not arrested.

Regarding Dr Mumba,  anyone can call News Editor Kennedy Bwalya and confirm,  Dr Mumba followed procedure,  he did not harass any reporter,  but Sadly,  early reports indicate that about three reporters will be “paid big” to betray dr Mumba when the matter comes up in court.

So You can already see a political hand behind this arrest,  and elsewhere,  Amos Chanda with some useless journalists are toasting the arrest of Dr Mumba according to intel.

So this whole thing is politically motivated and stupid!

Kambwili is the rightful criminal who should have been arrested and prosecuted for  criminal trespass,  which essentially,  is defined as unlawfully accessing a place with an intent to commit a crime,  and not Dr Mumba who followed lawful procedure.

It is necessary also to mention that znbc is a public place,  a national broadcaster accessible to any Zambian who wishes to enjoy their freedom of speech,  a constitutional right to be heard on a matter which affects him/her.

Dr Mumba did that was not out of normal working hours or out of time to warrant his arrest for criminal trespass.

There are few considerations here to deal with criminal tress pass.

The accused should have had no right to enter such premises,  did so with an intention to commit a crime,  and indeed committed a crime after accessing the premises illegally.

So,  what crime Dr Mumba commit,  correcting a wrong fact on a matter of national interest is a crime under PF government? 

Very stupid!

Dr Mumba at ZNBC went through a normal police check at the ZNBC Mass Media gate,  asked for newsroom to air what his position was regarding a matter of public interest in which the ‘national broadcaster’ lied to the nation that the UPND petition against Lungu had been adjourned to 21st September 2016,  which was not only factually incorrect but misleading to the public and a recipe for anarchy as the matter contested in court must be heard earlier than that date znbc announced in their news,  considering the fact that PF is using znbc to blatantly misinform the public about the so called inauguration on Tuesday 13th September in blatant defiance to court procedure. 

The matter is still in court pf and secretary to cabinet dr Msiska are busy sending us useless messages for a ceremony that is still being contested in court,  not only that,  the person to be inaugurated is unlawfully and unconstitutionally holding that position!

It is therefore sheer  stup political idity and vindictiveness to arrest Dr Mumba.

If Dr Mumba trespassed znbc Friday evening,  why did police have to wait until Saturday to arrest him?

Secondly,  if dr Mumba trespassed,  how possible is that when he was actually cleared by police at the znbc entrance?

Did police have to fake a search for ‘fire arms ‘ at his house in order to later arrest him for criminal trespass?

This is very stupid of police and however has concocted this useless crime.  It will not go anywhere!_

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