Arrested Kaizer Zulu flees the country

Arrested Kaizer Zulu flees the country

State House gunman and President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu has fled the country, the Watchdog understands.

Zulu was arrested last Friday for threatening violence using a gun. The police who went to search Zulu’s house later found other assault rifles and pistols and letterheads pre-signed by president Edgar Lungu.

Zulu was in police custody for only a night though there are reports that even if he was in police ‘custody’, he did not spend the night in police cells like other suspected criminals but slept in one of the senior police officers’ offices.

He was granted police bond on Saturday and it is believed that the same Saturday he left the country. Normal practice is that people arrested and charged with a criminal offence are not allowed to leave the country unless a court permits them. Zulu is expected to appear in court on October 7, 2015.

Kaizer Zulu and Edgar Lungu

Kaizer Zulu and Edgar Lungu

Sources tell the Watchdog that Zulu flew to Dubia, the commercial centre of United Arab Emirates. It is believed that Zulu has bank accounts in Dubai where he stashes money he makes from corruption and has a network of fellow crooks he calls business partners there. His trip to Dubai is said to aimed at covering up all the criminal tracks so that even if the Zambian police try to trace his activities and bounty , they will find nothing.

According to other sources, Zulu has already finalised his dirty business in Dubai and flew to South Africa today where he is meeting state House permanent secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama.

The two are planning to follow president Edgar Lungu to New York to convince him to order the police t drop charges against Zulu and also to stop any investigations against any of them.

During the search at Zulu’s house, police found letterheads already signed by president Lungu. It has since been revealed that the pre-signed letters were stolen by Chilubanama who gave them to Zulu. The two are using the letterheads to make money, corruptly.

Chilubanama and Zulu will make Lungu see that if they are arrested and arraigned in court, they will be forced to reveal how Lungu himself is involved as they defend themselves.

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