Arresting Lusambo was pure malice, claims Richard Sakala

Arresting Lusambo was pure malice, claims Richard Sakala


He writes:
IT was pure malice.
The sight of former Lusaka Province Minister
Bowman Lusambo in handcuffs was played out
for the media and to ensure his maximum humil-
The action by the Anti-Corruption Commission
(ACC) is contrary to the guidelines that President Hakainde Hichilema has given to the law investigative agencies.
This is that they should never arrest anyone
without carrying out thorough investigations.
In this case, Mr Lusambo was handcuffed and
detained without being charged for any criminal
The ACC could not give any reason why Mr
Lusambo, who cycled to the ACC offices in the
morning after being summoned, could not be al-
lowed to return home and report today.
But as has become the modus operandi of the
investigative wings, they clearly wanted to humiliate the person summoned for questioning.
It was clearly an abuse of authority and it is only proper that Mr Lusambo’s lawyer, Mr Makebi Zulu said they would officially complain over the manner he was treated.
Mr Lusambo’s lawyer, Mr Makebi Zulu, said in
an interview that the ACC failed to prefer charges against his client because the allegations they were making against him were not true.
Mr Zulu said it was clear that the ACC had set out to humiliate his client hence the decision to handcuff him even though he was not a flight risk.
He said the ACC officers, after failing to charge
Mr Lusambo said they wanted to take him to
Chilanga but he (lawyer) protested. “We told them that someone was almost poisoned in Chilanga
and on those grounds protested against the
move,” Mr Zulu said.
Mr Lusambo, he said, was accused of hav-
ing properties in Northgate, where a number of
Members of Parliament have properties, but he
does not have any property there.
The ACC officers even wanted to drive him there
but his lawyers objected.
According to Mr Zulu, the ACC officers inter-
rogating Mr Lusambo kept going upstairs for in-
structions at each stage including deciding on his detention and where to keep him.
The public will indeed wonder what profession-
alism the investigating wings are showing when it is obvious that investigations are full of malice.
We are reminded of the recent experiences of
two former cabinet ministers who were recently
arrested by the investigative wings.
Former Defence Minister Davies Chama was ar-
rested in Lusaka and locked up in cells for sever-
al days before being driven across the country to Sesheke for attempted murder.
When he appeared in court several days later,
the charge was reduced to threatening violence.
His colleague, former Home Affairs Minister
Stephen Kampyongo, after his arrest in Lusaka
was driven to Chinsali at the unholy hour of 02:00 for an offence allegedly committed in 2016.
In the case of Mr Lusambo, he presented himself at the ACC offices on his own and one wonders at what point he became a flight risk that he had to be brought out of the building in handcuffs if not to humiliate him before the public.
The investigative wings must be told that their
actions must not be driven by emotions by a strict adherence to the law. That is what will earn them public support and respect.

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    Namaloya Namalikita 2 hours ago

    The investigative agencies have my support and respect these days because these PFascist ruffians who terrorised Zambia over the last ten years are finally getting arrested and prosecuted. Where was Richard Sakala during those ten years of PF terror? When did he ever speak up against the tribalism and discrimination that prevailed then?