Arresting opponents won’t help – Fube Bwalya

“We can harass or arrest all those with
opposing views, but without addressing the real issues, we will only succeed at mobilizing the Zambian people against President Lungu and the PF Party as a whole. I hereby call on the PF Party and government to make a clear distinction
between politics of intimidation and good governance. We, as PF are the ruling party and are entirely responsible for the state and direction of this nation. All other politicians, disgruntled elements and opposition political parties can be excused for their rumbling and political gymnastics. For us on the other hand, our actions and decisions affect every citizen regardless of their political affiliations. When the
economy is not doing well, it is our responsibility to rectify the situation. When the rule of law breaks down in the nation, it is not the fault of criminals or the opposition. The onus is squarely on us to bring back law and order. There is
no excuse and there is no blaming any other party or personality. We are responsible and we better shape up and marshal the political will and unity of purpose toľľ bring this nation back on track.”

Kevin Bwaya Fube (KBF)

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    Temple 2 weeks ago

    Ba Fube,if we could be understanding things in this way,then we can be blessed in unity.Its maturity enough,to be séeing wrongs within the camp.You indéed are a true son of the soil.God richly bless u.

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    The current situation requires “Funga kinwa!”

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    Mafikizolo 2 weeks ago

    Disrespect is not a criminal offence. Respect is earned and not demanded

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    Sad for you Abilima

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    Well spoken KBF indeed 

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    abilima 2 weeks ago

    Opposing views and blatant disrespect for others and the law are two different things.

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    kbf u seem to b growing up in wisdom,its lik life has taught u how to behav in public…Hope u wil continue in this path that u hav taken of cristicising the wrong happenings in our country and on the other side provinding constructive cristicism.