Arson accused Mongu resident released on nolle


A Mongu resident who was arrested on April 22nd this year for allegedly burning the Limulunga Local Court was last Wednesday released after the state entered a nolle prosequi.
23 year old Munukayumbwa Munyinda was detained for three months without trial and was denied bail. Munyinda was arrested after PF cadres in Mongu reported to the police that he was behind the burning of the Local Court in Limulunga.
Munyinda had initially been charged with arson but after the police and his PF accusers failed to link him to the Local Court fire, the charge was changed to seditious practices.
Munyinda, who is a known Barotseland activist, was later accused to have posted a comment in 2015 on facebook stating that ‘State House was cursed’ until the Barotseland issue was resolved.
The Limulunga Local Court is one of several public institutions that have been burnt across the country from September last year.


  • he is lucky to be released


  • they should compensate you

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  • God is great!

  • Put it in your head that you are destroying your property and burning your money which you paid in form of tax.By committing arson you are developing economies of developed countries because taxes are going to be used to buy materials from South Africa,China and Great Britain.

    • That’s true i think we are living in the last days

    • thats true, take a look at zimbabwe they have being suffering but never a tym hav they distroyed any property of the nation, now zambian who do not think of the future even educated ones their are letting machinary going out of the country being cheated that the items are going out for repair yet they do not come back, with those burning & destroying property luck of wisdom their consious is dead they are bad as somebody in the grave No Brains, Both those letting items leave this country in the name of repair & return and those burning properties for innocent Zambians, God Is Watching & Surely yo reward will come soon! Zambians wake up please

  • For The Sake Of Peace We Are Asking The Gov To Ban Upnd.It Is A Distractive Party.

    • You Are Too Stupid! No Wonder You A Life Failure. How Do You Say Upnd Is A Destructive Party? When You Actually Know That The Opposite Is The Truth.

    • PF can celebrate,more especially Mr Dictator

  • Good for him

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  • we are tired everyday the news is arrested!

  • Ba Zambian watchdog, so this comrade’s arrest was influenced by some pf cadres?Uuuuh am afraid!!!!

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  • let us give balungu a no vote come 2021 election

    • My friend he leaged even last year’s elections he didnt win,he is even the one who told the concourt to dismiss the petition.

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  • The idiot was supose to die in jail

  • He is even lucky to have spent 3 months in jail….

  • Thank God u are out. Very soon the truth shall be revealed God bless u always

  • I’m Out On Nolle Proseq Over Seditious As For The Arson The Matter Didn’t Go To Before Court.

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  • Sisabi Sesi Sholokota,munukayumbwa Uyoyange.

  • Nowadays Leadership=====?


  • All these arrests are tribal….why is it that only lozis,Tongas and northwesterners are being arrested??.?


    • What of your freind is he inocent?

    • which friend, if u mean my HH, he z 100% innocent and thats y up to nw ther z no judge allocated to handle his case, the pf regime knows very well that upon trial, he wil be acquitted. am sure if they had evidence leading to conviction, this time he could hav been no more.

  • God Be With You

  • If it was in Namibia he was supporse to receive cash for the days he has been behind mu Zed kuti?

    • comment-avatar
      Mundia 6 months

      The man should sue the State for wrongful arrest and imprisonment,loss of freedom and income. The damages should be in million dollars.

    • Then i will go and leave in that country in case.

    • Everyone is welcomed in namibia,they are good pipo as i talk to u now its where iam.

  • So you arrested him for nothing evil manners.

  • You are lucky my brother pray harder than before,some of your friends died inspite of being innocent chalo chalufyengo.

  • This is the kind of abuse that the nolle propagates….three months detention without trial and then told to simply walk away…no recourse afterwards.

  • Fake arrests meant to instill fear in the citizenry.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how true is this?

    • Search For Barotseland Post or Barotseland Broadcasting Network. You Will find this News.

    • check on znbc…..oh sorry I forgot znbc only talks about pf unseen development

    • Very Very Very True, munyinda Is My Nephew,his Father Mr Mwiya Died On 3rd June While He Was In Prison.