‘As Chimwemwe youths we are disappointed and angry with PF’

We as the youths of Chimwemwe Constituency do hereby lodge a complaint to the National Secretariat of PF Political Party, and the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Michael Sata.

We are very much disturbed and annoyed by the manner the plight of the youths on the Copperbelt is being addressed.

Three years have elapsed since we ushered the PF party into government, youths have been neglected by the Provincial Minister of Copperbelt Province, the Councilors and Constituency leaders. The
people we elected in 2011 September, have and are still enjoying the national cake, while we are wallowing in abject poverty.

The road rehabilitation project has only attracted people from other areas and the roads being constructed are in our area. It is shameful to find that only the people recruited by the District Commissioner
are employed and the list we made for the youths to be employed were thrown away. Most of the job opportunities that comes as a result of Super market like Shoprite and Pick N’ Pay and the construction of
roads, are given to people from other towns and relatives to the Political leaders.

Some months ago, youths were fooled that they were to be empowered with establishment of cooperatives that never came to fruition.

The question is who are they going to use in the campaign which is just around the corner?
The results in some parts of Zambia recently announced are a clear indication of what you PF beneficiaries will expect at the end of this year.

The question is, were the Councilors elected to allocate plots or serve the people? It is clear the Councilors and their fellow district level leaders are not into these offices so as to serve people, but to enrich their pockets, to only uplift the standards of living of their relatives and minions. It is not clear up to date what plans the PF
government leaders of Kitwe have for the youth of Kitwe.

Yours neglected Voters of the youth movement.

KTK. Annoyed youth.

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