As earlier reported, Police free Livingstone PF criminals with OP IDs

The three Livingstone PF cadres  who were arrested and initially charged with aggravated robbery for hijacking a Lusaka bound truck laden with goods have all been released from custody and have had their charge reduced to ‘impersonation’.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja who is in Livingstone for other duties personally conveyed Edgar Lungu’s directives to have the bandits released. Kanganja told Southern province commissioner of police Bonny Kapeso that it would bring embarrassment to the PF and Edgar Lungu for the trio to be charged with such a serious offence especially few days after Lungu addressed the nation and urged for people to maintain values in their lives.

Baldwin Siamate Musonda, Jafali Obert and Jonathan Mayeya, while acting with the fourth person Obby Mweemba who has since been on the run hijacked the truck belonging to Livingstone losing independent candidate Edwin Simwiimba but were unlucky as their mission was foiled by police officers. They were armed and had fake Office of the President (Intelligence service) identity cards suspected to have been procured with the aid of the notorious state house political advisor Kaizer Zulu.


Yesterday, former PF Livingstone MP Lawrence Evans who tried to free the three lied that they were effecting a citizens’ arrest on the driver in the enforcement of the night travel ban of public service vehicles. All the four are known PF cadres who have also been bandits terrorising businessmen especially those in transit.


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    Musa 10 months

    This is clear selective application of law. I feel pity to Obvious Mwaliteta and others who are languishing in Jail on trumped up charges simply becoz they are supporters of UPND. Supporters of PF are given preferential treatment even when they have committed a crime.ZPS murdered Mapenzi Chibulo and now a Choonga of ZAF has been beaten to death by the same PF mercenaries within ZPS and there are no arrests made. ZAF should simply take ZPS to task for the murder of their Officer. Zambia is already a failed Police State to say the least. This lawlessness with impunity must stop forthwith.

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    John kabengele 10 months

    You killed a zaf officer who did not steal, you left the bandits, to go Scot free. Shame to the police of Zambia, we are a laughing stroke