As expected, ‘Chipuba’ Mukanga defends State house corruption

As expected, ‘Chipuba’ Mukanga defends State house corruption

Lubansenshi Independent MP Patrick Mucheleka has charged that there is rampant corruption in the way road contracts are being awarded at state house, but Works and supply minister Yamfwa Mukanga says it is okay for ailing dictator Michael Sata to superintend on any project.

"Ichipuba" Yamfwa Mukanga

“Ichipuba” Yamfwa Mukanga

In parliament, Mucheleka questioned the transparency in awarding road contracts and charged that corruption has now been taken to State house as evidenced by many shoddy works being carried out while the country continues to lose colossal sums of money.

In response, Mukanga who was last year openly called ‘ichipuba’ (fool or imbecile) by Sata in full view of TV cameras defended the corruption leveled against Sata and State house. Mukanga digressed from issuing a ministerial statement as per parliamentary etiquette but pointed out that Sata had the powers to superintend on any project in the country.

Soon after winning elections, Sata grabbed the RDA from the ministry of works and supply and put it under his supervision which has seen a lot of contracts involving huge sums of money signed. Sata, his family members and close allies in the PF have been getting commission from these contracts.

To spearhead the corruption, he appointed his campaign manager Willie Nsanda as board chairman without any board members. This corruption has seen his son Mulenga Sata elevated from a dog seller to a PF presidential aspirant who is able to fete a horde of cadres.

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