As he eyes PF presidency, Kambwili vows to defend embattled SG Chama



PF National Youth Chairman Chishimba Kambwili has been meeting some selected PF youth structures to organise a team to counter the calls by PF members who want secretary general Davis Chama out of the party because Kambwili wants to use him for his 2016 PF presidential bid.

According to a report made by a team that has been set up by President Edgar Lungu to trace the PF members working with Chama, Kambwili feels that if Chama is secretary general by the time the party goes to the convention to choose the Presidential candidate and in the event that Lungu died or decided not to re-contest owing to poor health then he (Kambwili) may stand a better chance of scooping the party presidency which eluded him last year and maybe become republican President.

The report submitted to Lungu states that Kambwili has been meeting with Chama at Chama’s Avon guest house in Lusaka’s Rhodespark almost every night around 23:00hrs where they have been planning how to repel the calls and true to this, Kambwili recently suspended all the Eastern province youths who were calling for Chama’s exit but the youths rubbished the suspension.

“CK comes in an unregistered Jeep and meets DC. They have set up a strategy to keep quiet as the calls are ongoing and wait for the outcome of the ongoing party elections but if their preferred people don’t win then DC will use his influence as SG to dissolve those structures, They want to have their people up through to the Central committee so that they can take over the party.
CK has been telling DC that Your Excellency you have told them in cabinet meetings that you may not re-contest the PF and republican Presidency in 2016 and wants to position himself as a successor but above all CK wishes you bad health or calamity to befall (death) and with DC in the SG seat he will influence the party in his favour. They know that Mama Inonge is not a factor and are indeed happy that she is spending most of her time outside the country representing you at various forums.
We are on track but are not sure other people that they have recruited but for sure they must have good numbers from Luapula and a few from Northern provinces. Muchinga people are not with them in this gymnastic,” read a summary of the report dated 23rd April, 2015 made available by our state house source, we challenge President Lungu to dispute this document which we have in full.
The trail team is believed to be housed in the offices for Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s law firm, just a stone throw from Chama’s lodge.

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