As reported by the Watchdog: Lungu insists on supplying maize to Zimbabwe

As reported by the Watchdog: Lungu insists on supplying maize to Zimbabwe

Lungu wants to feed Zimbabweans

Lungu wants to export maize to Zimbabwe

President Edgar Lungu has insisted Zambia has enough stocks of maize and wants to offload some to Zimbabwe, contrary to Vice President Inonge Wina’s recent warning of hunger as a result of an anticipated poor harvest this year.

Speaking in Ndola at the Mwanawasa stadium during the Lamba Agricultural fair, Lungu said that he has been informed by FRA that there are sufficient maize stocks in the sheds. Apparently Lungu’s outbursts are basically aimed at blackmailing Zambians so as to enable him export maize to Zimbabwe as appreciation to Robert Mugabe’s assistance for him to ascend to power.

Last week Vice President Inonge Wina whose office runs the Disaster management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) warned against exporting maize in view of the poor rainfall recorded in most parts of the country. She has since directed FRA to start ferrying maize to some parts that have already run out of maize. This year’s harvest is also likely to be hampered by PF’s bad agricultural policies which saw some farmers paid as late as January this year for their crops supplied last year.

Earlier, we reported on this site that Lungu wanted to export maize to Zimbabwe and that prompted Wina to intervene but FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula rubbished the directive. Now it is clear the cartel composed of Lungu, agriculture minister Given Lubinda and Kafwabulula will export maize to Zimbabwe and put Zambians at a risk.

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