As you remember Levy, also remember how M’membe duped Catholic Church

As the country remembers late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa State Counsel, there will be a lot of talk from different sectors of the Zambian society, It will be Levy this and that. Others will shed crocodile tears and we won’t starve ourselves to tell you who those people are. You know them.

What we are the Zambian Watchdog would like remember though is how a Newspaper Editor duped the world’s biggest Church the Catholic Church into campaigning for President Sata that has ended up being a disaster not only to the democratic and economic governance of the country but a disaster to the credibility of the Catholic Church in Zambia.

We know that this fact will not be well received by some people but is a fact. Facts are facts are as Journalists we aware that facts are a good defense in the courts of law.


When news broke out that President Mwanawasa had died in France, one of the first people to receive that news was Post Newspapers majority shareholder Fred Mmembe. Fred Mmembe’s first expression was “NO LEVY CAN’T DIE”

Mmembe’s cry as people came to know later was the death of the Zambian Airways.

The survival of Zambian Airways was dependent on the survival of Levy Mwanawasa. It was only Levy and former Finance Minister Magande who in Cabinet supported the idea to subsidise Zambian Airways through government waivers and loans.

Former Communications Minister at that time Dora Siliya and Vice President Rupiah Banda were opposed to subsidizing the airline. This could be one of the reason why both Rupiah and Dora are appearing in court today.

The RB and Dora story if for another day because we want to take our readers to know how the entire Catholic Church in Zambia was cheated by one Newspaper Editor.


After Fred believed that Levy had truly died in France, he called for a meeting at his Nangwenya house. The Nangwenya meeting was attended by once respected First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda and Mutembo Nchito now Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito.

At this meeting Fred Mmembe suggested that a scheme be put in place to support the candidature of Magande as President sidelining the then Vice President Rupiah Banda.

A Zambian Airways plane was then allocated to Magande to be accompanying Levy Mwanawasa’s body during the country -wide body viewing. This was done in order to market Magande. A media campaign was launched by Amos Malupenga now Permanent Secretary Information in which a number of politicians were interviewed to support Magande’s candidature purporting that it was Levy’s wish. No it was not Levy’s wish. It was wished at Nangwenya road.

Our readers may wish to know that Sata knew about the scheme for Magande to accompany the body country-wide that is why he also followed to Chipata were he was chased by Maureen Mwanawasa.

Sata invested a lot in intelligence whilst in opposition unlike the current crop of opposition leaders. We doubt if it was Maureen’s idea to chase Sata. Some of the politicians who were deliberate interviewed to support Magande were Silvia Masebo, Patricia Mulasikwanda, Japhen Mwakalombe, Dipak Patel and Maureen Mwanawasa herself.

The Movement for Multi Party Democracyy (MMD) being a democratic party however through the National Executive Committee elected Rupiah Banda in a landslide vote. Mwakalombe actually voted for Rupiah Banda in that meeting.


After realizing that Magande had failed to win the confidence of his friends in the MMD NEC Fred Mmembe schemed the second option. He then schemed together with his Late mentor Bishop Paul Duffy to support a Catholic candidate because of the numbers of the catholic in the country at that time.

That is how Sata was considered as a second option. A media campaign was then designed to convince many Catholics to support their own. Parish Priests, Bishops and many more Catholics of influence became sources of information for the Post Newspapers. That is how the Frank Bwalya’s and Father Lupupas came to become very much known.

Remember the Apostolic Nuncio Girassoli all senior Catholics apart from Father Charles Chilinda of St Ignitius were on battle -front supporting the Nangwenya strategy un-knowingly.

Despite the strong Intelligence Network the American government through Ambassador Mark Storella failed to detect the scheme. Even traditional leaders like Nkomeshya failed for the trap including Lameck Mangani. It was simply Catholic frenzy.

Sata was being preached in Small Christian Communities commonly known as Fitente instead of Jesus Christ.  The Post Newspapers that called Sata all sorts of names and painted him black changed the paint and painted him White. It could be the problem they are facing to change paint to paint Sata black again.

Today most of the Catholic Priests who became overnight sources of information are extremely quite. Frank Bwalya has thrown in a towel the few remaining like Father Gabriel Mwanamwalye of Chongwe parish still writing a column in the Post are there for chewing because of his relatives at the Big Red House.


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