Ashamed about Mulungushi Textiles, Lungu to declare Kabwe a city today


Edgar Lungu will be in Kabwe to commission the Kabwe Mall which lies just next to the defunct Mulungushi Textiles factory which he lied people that he would reopen it and create more than 5,000 direct jobs.

But to blindfold the people of Kabwe Lungu will elevate Kabwe to a City in spite of the town lacking many amenities befitting a city.  This is according to information obtained from within his inner circle and being kept as a top secret only to be unveiled today.

Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, as you come to Kabwe

Sir you are welcome to Kabwe to come and officially open the Kabwe shopping mall though we would have loved you to come and commission a phase in the Mulungushi textiles which you ‘re-opened’ a week before we voted for you.

You promised us the people of Kabwe that the textile industry was reopening and that over 5,000 direct jobs created and several others indirectly created. We know you are too shy to look at the eye sore that will be laughing at you across as you commission a foreign investment project.

Also bear that the cosmetic workers you directed National Service to employ in order to deceive us were laid off shortly after elections and several of them have not been paid their dues.

Mr. Chagwa or is it Edward or Jonathan Lungu, you also expect to find several former Railway Systems of Zambia workers whose benefits have not been paid and so many of them have spoken through different media but you have paid a blind eye.

Sir, while you have been fighting for recognition, your minister of higher education has defiled Nkrumah University and placed it under one low reputation Mulungushi University. In case you don’t know, Nkrumah has trained so many secondary teachers in Zambia and outside and a graduate teacher from Nkrumah has more recognition even more than a graduate from the school of education at UNZA.

May we also inform you that the trauma centre which you so much talked about as being constructed at the Kabwe General Hospital – KGH still remains a white elephant and non functional.

We wish you had taken a road trip to see the congestion along the Lusaka/ Kabwe road and be reminded that the bogus contractor Sable who funded your 2015 and 2016 elections in exchange of a contract to build the dual carriage way has not done anything hence the project now being undertaken by your corruption tutor Papa Rupiah Banda business partners.

Welcome to Kabwe, make pronouncements and possibly even declare Kabwe a City as a way of hoodwinking us but be mindful that another election is coming and though you may not be a candidate in 2021 you will need to be succeeded by your own bootlicker.

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