Asian who reported senior cops to ACC detained

The Zambian of Asian origin who reported two senior police officers to the Anti corruption Commission has been detained on unspecified charges, the Watchdog has been told.

Ahmed Bharuch who took Inspectors Mabvuto Nguni and Evarisato Chisanza to the ACC for soliciting and receiving K32 million was picked up Friday April 8, late evening.

The two police officers appeared in court a few days ago but their colleagues have heightened the intimidation and harassment of the witness in the bribery case. Sources say top cops are involved in this matter.

Inspectors Mabvuto Nguni and Evarisato Chisanza and other officers from their unit were investigating motor vehicle scams where Amcor security lost over K3 billion worthy of 4+4 vehicles which were sold by the former managing director.

The police investigators were expected to track the people who bought the vehicles fraudulently in order to nab all the criminals.
But the police resorted to asking for bribes from suspects resulting in one of them reporting the matter to the ACC.

Only the two police officers who are said to have physically received the money were arrested but sources say the entire unit was involved in the bribery.

This same unit of police officers was at the centre of the corrupt activities involving the murder trial of Sajid Itowala.

As if to demonstrate the link with the Sajid Itowala murder trial, the two arrested police officers have hired Frank Tembo as their lawyer. Frank Tembo was a suspect in the murder of Itowala but was turned into a state witness.

The other lawyer the two police officers have hired is Milner Katolo. Katolo is the lawyer for Idris Patel one of the accused person in the Sajid Itowala murder. Yet, the police officers were supposed to prosecute the people who murdered Itowala.


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