Asphalt director and RDA main consultant Mwewa arrested in SA


Asphalt Roads company owner Joseph Mwewa has been arrested and is currently detained in South Africa for forging a residence permit.

According to sources within the South African immigration, Mwewa was apprehended shortly after arriving at O.R Tambo international airport on Thursday, May 29, 2014 around 15:30 hours.

Mwewa is the main consultant of the Roads Development Agency and through his company Asphalt has bagged more contracts than any other company from RDA.

Mwewa, through his company is the team leader of the US $360 million project for the expansion of terminals at Lusaka International Airport, which the PF calls KK.

During the MMD administration, Mwewa and most current RDA directors were fired from RDA for massive plunder. The donors almost withdrew funding to RDA due to theft by Mwewa and his colleagues.

But the PF saw it fit to hire the same thieves as consultants and also to engage their companies.

South African security picked Mwewa as he alighted from the plane and took him for questioning and later detained him.

The corrupt Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Mayeba Chikonde, who is a personal friend to Mwewa has tried in vein to have Mwewa released. The immigration in South Africa told Chikonde that they could not tolerate such kind of criminal behaviour. But it is likely that Mwewa would be deported to Zambia and declared a prohibited immigrant and banned from entering South Africa.

Mwewa who has been dubiously getting contracts from RDA despite his poor road workmanship boasts of having a number of PF ministers in his pocket among them, Foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba whom he has bribed with a Range Rover sport and a Jaguar under the pretext that he acquired them through a long term lease.

As a result Kalaba worships Mwewa and is willing to go an extra Mile to ensure that Mwewa’s contracts with RDA are protected despite the inefficient and pathetic workmanship.

Mwewa is also an ardent supporter of NAREP and is one of the main financiers of Chipimo’s NAREP and its campaigns.


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