Assegai Foundation, Andrew Banda say PF must go

A CIVIL advocacy group says there is every reason to vote the PF out of office in next year’s elections because of underperformance. Meanwhile, Andrew Banda says time has come for the Patriotic Front to go. The Assegai Foundation for Civil Advocacy and Human Development executive director Senzo Mkwanazi said the PF under President Edgar Lungu had gone to the same evils that made people lose faith in the MMD because they had lamentably failed in almost all the sectors.

Commenting on the indefinite closure of the Copperbelt University (CBU) by education minister Dr Michael Kaingu on Wednesday, Mkwanazi said the move was not surprising because the government had not done its homework. “As Assegai Foundation, we are not surprised by this sad development. This was expected because from the inception of this standoff with lecturers, the PF government has been lackadaisical. It’s now safe to say people have lost confidence in the Zambian education system due to unnecessary and preventable closures,” he said.

“Therefore, there’s every reason to vote PF out! PF under President Edgar Lungu have gone to the same evils that made people lose faith in MMD and they have lamentably failed! It is inconceivable that President Lungu has brought in old failures in the name of Dora Siliya, Michael Kaingu and Rupiah Banda, charlatans eaking failure to help him run the country. What new ideas can such bring to the table of development?” Mkwanazi urged President Lungu to immediately attend to the welfare of the lecturers at CBU.

“There’s a lot of anguish in families which part away with their meagre savings to send their children to CBU only for government to shut down the school without employing practical plans to address the impasse once and for all. Going forward, we urge President Lungu to immediately attend to the striking lecturers’ demands and ensure that CBU reopens urgently! We demand for a halt in presidential foreign trips so those funds can be channeled to needy areas like education,” said Mkwanazi.

And Andrew, Rupiah Banda’s son and UPND member, said only a clique of people in the PF were enjoying at the expense of the majority Zambians. “There’s a certain clique of people in PF that want to perpetuate suffering among our people so that they can continue enjoying the wealth of the country,”

Andrew said. He said even within the PF, not everyone was enjoying the benefits of being in government. Andrew said the only civil way people could stop the PF from mismanaging the country was to vote them out in 2016. He said the government was taking advantage of the poor and high illiteracy levels. “This country is headed for further damage where poverty, unemployment, poor health service, bad roads and poor infrastructure have become the order of the day. A clique of (few) people shouldn’t blackmail the people, time for them [PF] to go has come,” said Andrew. Rupiah Banda supported Edgar Lungu ahead of the 2015 presidential election and most of his MMD sympathisers have been appointed in President Lungu’s government in various positions.

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