Assegai Foundation counsels Kambwili on his pre-stone age politics

Media Statement


Assegai Foundation can only call it colonial neurosis; the retrogressive and outdated threats by Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili to dismiss protesting workers at ZNBC and CBU. We wish to out rightly condemn Kambwili’s latest antics with the deepest contempt possible.

Mr. Kambwili as a former Labour Minister should know by now that workers have a right to protest, as long as they do it peacefully. It is not up to Kambwili to give prescriptions on what better way they should chose to protest. Clearly, journalists at ZNBC are frustrated at being turned into PF cheerleaders by the cadres Kambwili installed to run the institution. Day in, day out they ‘vuvuzela’ for PF’s imaginary ‘excellence’ in peace building, national unit, unprecedented economic growth and improved standards of living. We thought that they would be the best paid and most cared for civil servants for this.

What sort of Minister is Kambwili? If he’s not fanning tribal sentiments he’s threatening somebody with arrest or dismissal. Anyway, we expected this from the time the man sold his soul to the devil over Dora Siliya. Kambwili’s bullish behavior is unbecoming.

When he recently justified the salary hike for parliamentarians, nobody threatened him with anything even though the move was morally incorrect. The PF led parliament has increased salaries for itself over 4 times since 2011; in the midst of starving millions and homeless thousands! In the midst of a salary freeze! Can’t Kambwili have some sympathy for the unofficial PF ‘vuvuzela’ who have found it had to be professional because of cadres running the institution?

Instead of finding a lasting solution to their concerns, Kambwili is threatening them? Does he think he’s the only Zambian who has a belly to fill? Clearly the man belongs to old gutter politics of colonial supremacy. The workers in Zambia, especially the media fraternity have never been free from the time this man was fork-lifted to that position.

President Lungu should retire this man in national interest. He doesn’t add any value to our Republic with his incessant cowardly threats.

Issued by;
Senzo Mkwananzi
Executive Director
Assegai Foundation for Civil Advocacy
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