At a fee, Miriam Mwanawasa endorses Lungu

Late leader Levy Mwanawasa’s eldest daughter Miriam has endorsed PF’s Edgar Lungu.
Mirriam, who has been complaining of being broke and failing to pay school fees for her children was quick to remind the PF that is was Mwanawasa who saved Sata’s life.

“Zambians will remember that when President Sata fell ill in 2008, it took the personal intervention of President Mwanawasa to save his life. Although the two were political adversaries, this episode brought them together,” she said.
Mirriam, ex-wife of former labour minister Austin Liato said ‘Edgar Lungu is a lawyer like our late President Mwanawasa and we are confident that this will be a good virtue for law and order.’ There is actually no correlation.
Austin Liato is a staunch UPND supporter and is currently in Western province campaigning for UPND candidate.

Mirriam also said she is happy that Mr Sata’s administration named the Ndola stadium after Dr Mwanawasa.
“He also named the new Lusaka district hospital after President Mwanawasa. As a family, we have decided to accept this honour by ensuring the legacy of President Sata lives on, too,”

But the Watchdog is reliably informed that Miriam demanded payment from PF before endorsing Lungu. Moreover, Miriam is not very well respected in the Mwanawasa family and Lusaka generally. She spends most of the time in bars.
Last week on radio phoenix she complained that she is failing to pay school fees for her children and added that Hakainde Hichilema is a good leader.
It seems Miriam blew up the money her father left her but now wants to get a share from family members who invested theirs.
It is unthinkable that an eminent lawyer and former president could have left his first-born child without money.

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