At first they blamed God, now they are blaming us!


At first they were blaming God for the current crippling load shedding, saying it is His fault. He didn’t give us enough rains. Now they are saying we are to blame for the load shedding because according to their sick heads, we the consumers use a lot of electricity every time they reinstall power after load shedding us for 8 to 10 hours in a day. They can’t take responsibility for the mess they have created. They can’t accept the fact that we have no power today due to their own mismanagement of Zesco, lack of investment in the power utility company and other alternative sources of energy, failure to liberalise the power sector and or allow other players to come on board and start competing with Zesco and most importantly they can’t admit that the dwindling water levels at Kariba is not God’s fault but the fault of their own theft and corruption for making shady deals with the Chinese to install faulty equipment at a cheaper price than actually quoted and paid for. And the Minister of Energy and his Zesco Management are still in office. Surely Zambia is a docile nation. In other countries, heads could have rolled.

Antonio Mwanza

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